Brief Introductions

As a famous manufacturer for small and medium-sized hydraulic machinery and equipment in China, Shanghai Miaomiao Hydraulics Co., Ltd. is specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling all kinds of standard or tailor-made hydraulic presses (C-frame hydraulic presses, hydraulic bench presses, H-frame hydraulic presses, 2-column hydraulic presses, 4-column hydraulic presses, etc.), hydraulic parts ( hydraulic power units, hydraulic power packs, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valve manifolds, etc.) and customized hydraulic test and experimental equipment ( hydraulic test machinery for cylinders, pumps, valves, and hydraulic experimental machinery for other usage, etc. )
Adhering to rigid management and excellent style of work, our company has been recognized by all the customers for its good products and after-sale service. It bears good reputation and is among the best of the small and medium hydraulic manufacturers in Shanghai or even in China.

Usage of Our Products

Our products are widely used in the field of machine tools, steel industry, metallurgical machinery, plastic machinery, rubber machinery, forestry machinery, mining machinery, building machinery, petroleum machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, chemical machinery, ceramics machinery, environmental protection machinery, leather machinery, etc.

Technological Strength

Our company, with dozens of hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic engineers, bears strong technological strength for designing and manufacturing many kinds of complete hydraulic equipment and hydraulic press lines containing hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and heating functions.

Our Clients

With strong capacity of technology and productivity and wide range of products, our company can satisfy the customers with their various orders. Our customers reach everywhere in China among which there are many large state-owned and private-owned companies like Baosteel, Shanghai Second Steel, Jiangsu Shasteel, Shanghai Heavy-duty Machine as well as foreign-invested enterprises in China including Japanese, American, German, French companies, etc. Our products are also exported to the U.S.A, Europe, Japan, South Africa, South-east Asia, etc. as accessory parts of complete machines of other companies.

Special Report:Hydraulic Press Lines for Ceramics, Hydraulic Power Unit for 9 presses Exported to Europe, and more……

Global Co-operations

Our company is ready to offer tailored service for customers and expects trade, partnership and joint venture with the domestic or overseas companies. We are also looking for overseas companies to be a sales agent for them for the hydraulic products like hydraulic presses, hydraulic power packs, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, etc. We are also looking for overseas sales representative and distributors for our hydraulic products.

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