Ouda Group Co., Ltd. is an industrial corporation that integrates the trade, technology service and provision of complete sets of electromechanical equipment and automatic electric control systems for various projects. The company has passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification, and is approved as the Shanghai High-tech Enterprises. Moreover, it adopts an ERP system to manage the finance, production, purchase, sale, and other major processes in an effective way.

Headquartered in Qingpu District, Shanghai, the company is adjacent to Qingpu Industrial Park and No. 318 National Road, and has set up an array of equipment manufacturing bases and electrical assembly workshops in Yichang of Hubei, Humen of Guangdong, and Hongkou of Shanghai respectively, with eight branches and several offices established in the country.

Ouda Yichang Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Factory, the processing base of large-size metallurgical equipment lies in Yichang City, which is in the northwest of Hubei Province, at the intersection of the upper reaches and the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, and at the entrance to the Xiling Gorge of the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River. Yichang City is also called as Yiling and known as the “Throat of Sichuan Province and Hubei Province”, “Major Town in the West of Hubei Province”, and “Gateway to the Three Gorges” since ancient times. The factory is equipped with a range of advanced equipment manufacturing machines and strong manufacturing capabilities, with a design team consisting of experienced technicians.

The company now employs more than 1,000 people, 200 of whom are engineers and technicians and about half are experienced technicians with higher education background. Therefore, the company has a strong technical force and tremendous capabilities in engineering design, manufacturing and product development. The company’s own designed and built complete equipment made of plain carbon steel or stainless steel includes hot rolling, pickling, cold rolling, leveling, withdrawal & straightening, slitting, continuous annealing, galvanizing, tinning, color coating production lines as well as wire and cable equipment and textile and chemical fiber equipment. The company can also provide sophisticated, optimized automatic process control system applicable in metallurgy, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, plastics, rubber, cable, and papermaking industries. Meanwhile, the company is able to design and manufacture electric control cabinets and consoles of various specifications. The company enjoys high reputation in the metallurgical industry around the country.

In recent years, the company is committed to the development, design, manufacture and related technical support and services of complete electromechanical and electric control systems for rolling mills of the metallurgical industry, and has made remarkable achievements and substantial development. As far as talents of metallurgic technology are concerned, the company has set up a dedicated team of processing equipment which consists of a host of practised senior engineers specially invited from Baosteel Shanghai Steel Tenth Factory, Shanghai Baosteel Yichang Sheet Steel Co., Ltd., Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corp., etc.They all have rich practical experience in design, installation, and trial run of rolling mills and pickling units. In addition, the company has also educated and reserved a great deal of talents.

The high-tech products developed and manufactured by the company enjoy strong market competitiveness and broad market prospect. The company’s DC speed regulating device, which meets the operating requirements of high-power DC motor, is upgraded from the existing small- and medium-power DC speed regulating device. The device is able to control its production cost and as a result satisfies domestic requirements. The AGC system of zero adjustment for servo valve dramatically improves the precision of cold-rolled steel plate of the metallurgical industry and is a country-leading product which is up to standards of like products around the world. The GSB series of high-speed weaving machines are widely used for making telephone cables, data cables, and special railway communication cables, and has become the substitute for like products in foreign countries. Now, the GSB machines have built its presence in the international market, and are exported to Japan, Vietnam, Turkey and other countries. The device to control the constant pressure unit of the hydraulic system of leveling machines satisfies the demands for the higher quality of strip steel surface and plate profile in the rapid development of the metallurgical industry.

Set a First-class Target and Achieve Greater Glories

The company seeks to implement the corporate spirit of “Leading Technology, Superior Management, and Continuous Innovation”, takes the “Lead the Industry and Build the Ouda Brand” as the target, and expands the market by following the principle of “Good Faith, Mutual Benefit, Superior Quality, and Competitive Price”. Now, the company has an annual output of hundreds of million yuan, and has established cooperation with business partners in many large and medium-sized cities around the country, with a sound network of information, commerce, and technical services covering the whole country, Southeast Asia and Europe. In 2009, the company will continue to make great efforts, and is expecting to join hands with old and new friends in all circles for a better future.

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