Gistered in Wuxi,Jiangsu Province, Wuxi Hongye Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. is an operating unit on the leading edge. It specializes in the contract service of automated electric engineering, combining applied research, engineering design, project planning, system integrating operation and on-site installation(conditioning). Better still, it is so experienced in the development and sales of system-integrating products for application in the fields of automatic, computer control and instrumentation and electric control that it becomes a system-integrating product supplier under authorization by Schneider Electric-a world-class name maker.

By adapting to market needs, home and abroad, Wuxi Hongye offers a full line of electric complexes, low-voltage electric complexes, automatic equipment controls and intelligent monitor controls and software and meet customersÕrequirements with an optimum balance between price and quality. They are extensively used in the fields of public utilities, environmental control, electricity generation and boiler production, petrochemicals and auto production and more.

Hongye are glad to take the initiative in giving our customers endless opportunities to get the best value for money from our technology, product quality, technological support and service at higher levels. Also, this will lay the sound foundations for success in corporate sustainable development.

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