Module Code: ZAS-SCA-51

    1. Create and manage a WinCC flex project.
    2. Integrate components between WinCC Flex and STEP7.
    3. Create tags from the STEP7.
    4. Design graphic screens and tools.
    5. Define & administer user security.
    6. Set and test the Alarms and Messages.
    7. Configure, archive and display trends.
    8. Understand basic recipe building.
    1. S7-300 Lab Set
    2. PC + Software
    3. Training kits
    This course provides a comprehensive review of the features of the features and capabilities of Siemens WinCC Flexible software. Students will perform a complete system configuration including project configuration, graphics design and system integration. Students will also build skills with the user management tools including security, recipe creation, access, alarm and messaging

    Technicians, engineer or who response SCADA system which use software program for production process.

    Basic knowledge with PLC and computer

Duration: 5 days (8.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.) {Total teaching hours 20}
Number of participants: Max. 10 persons

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