Design of Magnetic Relay Circuit for Electric Motor Control

Module Code: ELE -RLY-61

    1. Control circuits for standard asynchronous motor.
      • Circuit diagram of a simple relay circuit.
      • Control circuits with Magnetic Contactor.
      • Direct on line starting (DOL).
    2. Setting up of control circuits with relays.
      • Motor sequence control.
      • Motor reversing control.
      • Detection and elimination of incorrect connections.
    3. Setting up of time controllers circuits by timer relays.
      • Delayed switch-on and switch-off circuit diagram.
      • Sequence control with contactor circuit diagram by mean of time-relay circuit diagram.
      • Control equipment and Motors Protection sizing.
      • Starting Technique by soft starter.
    1. Motor control training kit 8 sets
    2. 3 Phase induction motor 8 sets
    1. The participants will learn the principle and characteristic of standard motor control circuits which are using in industries.
    2. The participants will be able to do troubleshooting of motor control system and design the circuit diagram for motor control correctly.
    Technicians or engineers who have to the control circuits by using relay and contactor.
    Basic knowledge of electric circuits and electric System.

Duration: 5 days (8.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.) {Total teaching hours 20}
Number of participants: Max. 10 persons

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